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All Lives Do Matter, but That’s Not the Point

Let me just start by saying that I am white. I am pale, don’t tan, Northern European origins sort of white. I have no right to say that I can truly understand what black people deal with on a daily basis. As an adult, with a mind of my own, I CAN understand that black people should not have to deal with anything simply because of their skin color. That includes the fear that they might be killed at the hands of police brutality. This is the main point of the BLM movement. This is also why All Lives Matter is offensive.

POC Experience Fear Nearly Everyday

Despite being white and not having to fear that the police will attack me for no reason, I have trouble feeling safe around them. I have seen too much violence from the police onto innocent people that it makes me uneasy. Take that uneasiness that a white person has about the police and times that by 100. What you get from this equation is straight-up fear. This is what POC experience every day; whether the police are around or not.

It is because of this harsh reality that the #blacklivesmatter movement came about. If you want to read more about how the hashtag became a movement, read this article from
This hashtag started back in 2013 with the murder of Trayvon Martin at the hands of a police officer. Fast forward seven years and the #blacklivesmatter movement is still fighting to make their hashtag a reality. However, with every action comes a reaction. Thus, the world created the offensive hashtag #alllivesmatter.

Yes, All Lives do Matter

No matter skin color, race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, economic status, and so on.
However, THIS IS NOT THE POINT! The point of the Black Lives Matter movement is not to say that black lives matter more than white lives. The point is to say that black lives matter JUST AS MUCH as white lives.

White Lives, Historically, Have Always Matter More

Compared to the lives of POC. This is a fact that comes from the history of slavery, imperialism, social Darwinism, and racism. Slavery told white people that POC were just objects for work. Imperialism taught European whites that, since they ruled over black people, they were higher up on the civilization latter. Social Darwinism tried to explain, through science, how POC were inferior to white people. All of these factors together helped fuel the fire of racism to this day. POC are more likely to be murdered at the hands of police officers due to racism. When white people are killed by police officers, it is rarely due to their skin color. However, when a POC is killed (especially an African American) it is mostly always because of their skin color.

Racism is the reason that the phrase “All Lives Matter” is being shouted in the faces of black people. History told POC that white lives matter more compared to their lives. It is not a surprise as to why history teaches this. After all, history has been written by white men of power. Of course, they saw themselves as superior. The blood flow to their brains spent most of its time below their belts. These men were too blinded to see the truth that all lives matter. Thus, individual minority groups must now fight for their lives to matter. They shouldn’t have to fight but they are. This is why Black Lives Matter is important. Black people, as an individual minority group, must fight to show the white men of power (and every other bigot white person) that their lives matter just as much.

Stop with All Lives Matter

Until the day comes that all lives truly do matter, white people need to stop with this hashtag. The Black Lives Matter movement is not out to destroy the rights of white people. The movement, in simplest terms, is about making sure that people understand their lives matter just as much as white people’s. Not only this but to ensure that the racist police brutality of their people stops. The feeling of fear should not be a daily routine. Especially when it is the fear of one’s life due to their skin color. It shouldn’t be something they feel in general. We must all help black people, and other minority groups, gain safety and voice. So that one day, All Lives Matter will not be offensive; it will be the truth!

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