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Why “Naps & Novels” for a blog name?

(Plus 5 ways to create a unique blog name)

Nothing’s better than a good novel and then a nap. That’s my philosophy! Yet, that’s not the only reason my blog is named Naps & Novels. To be honest, it wasn’t even my first choice of a name.
Originally, I was thinking of something that sounded more like a lifestyle blog. A name that included words like “life” or “living”. However, none of these names sounded interesting to me. They all sounded bland. So, I started to look at different ways to create a blog name in order to find something more attractive. These 5 ways below helped me create a list of names that I liked; including the wonderful Naps & Novels.

Your Own Name

Many blogs are given the same names as their authors or a form of their names. One such famous blog that I read is A Cup of Jo, created by Joanna Goddard. While this name is also a play on the phrase about coffee, it also includes a nickname for her first name.
This was an early option for me, but one that I did not think would last long for me. I didn’t want to name the blog after my birthname since I was sure I would change it. However, I also did not want to name it after my preferred name because it didn’t sound right for my audience. I wanted the name of this blog to be something interesting and something that would spark interest from potential readers. Since my blog is for all gender identities, I didn’t want it named after me in fear that only those who identify as male would look at it. Thus, I kept thinking.


The next idea was to use keywords that relate to my niche. The board niche of this blog is about lifestyle. However, it also focuses on LGBTQIA+ topics and entertainment such as books. These are two important categories for me to include. Thus, many of my early ideas included something along these lines. One such example was “Mx. Life” (Mx being a gender-neutral prefix). This was a top contender for the blog name. Yet, I still wasn’t sure if it was what I was envisioning.

Related Words

I also looked at using related words to my life to create a name. One common theme in these ideas was including PA for the state I live in. I have seen other blogs include the words “city” if they live in a city or even “cat” or “dog” if they have pets. These are great ways to come up with a blog name that is unique. Personally, I chose not to include PA because I didn’t want to sound like I was limiting my audience to just fellow Pennsylvanians. While the locations discussed in my blog may be limited to my state or the North-East Coast, the emotions and experiences are universal. However, if you feel that adding your location is very important to you for your blog name, add it! It doesn’t actually limit your audience (that’s just what I thought at first) and it can help make your blog stand out compared to others in your niche. The same goes for animals, your hair color, or anything else that makes you YOU.

Use a Thesaurus

Using a thesaurus is a great way to find unique words. While my blog discusses all sorts of books, not just fictional novels, “Novels” sound better than just generic “books”. However, if you had a way to spin “books” in a blog name, that would make it just as special as finding a synonym. Using a thesaurus to come up with a blog name is like creating a brand advertisement. While people might be interested in a sign that says “great shoes”, they are more likely to be attracted to “fabulous shoes”. “Great” and “fabulous” are synonyms of each other, but the latter sounds more interesting.


Alliteration is when the same sound or letter is repeated within a phrase. Think of the “Peter Piper” tongue twister. All the words in that rhyme start with the letter p. This makes it an alliteration. The same goes for this blog’s name “Naps & Novels”. By having both main words start with the same letter, it too is an alliteration. Alliterations are very helpful in getting readers to remember a brand’s (or blog’s) name. Since the words typically rhyme or share the same letter, it is easier for our brains to remember the names because there is not much difference to be remembered.
Famous brands that use alliteration are Dunkin’ Donuts, PayPal, Coca-Cola, and Kit Kat. It is through inspiration of these brands that I wanted to have my blog’s name follow alliteration.

Thus, Naps & Novels was born! Again, while this blog is about so much more than just books and sleeping, it rolls right off the tongue. It is short and sweet while also playing with mystery as to what is written within its pages. What else is there besides good books? You should go explore the latest posts and see what else there is to find.

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